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Meet... Cattin!  

Cattin is a beautiful muted calico.  We estimate that she is about 10 years old. 

She is a quiet girl who just loves to chill out on a warm, comfy bed and watch the world go by.  

This girly is special needs, as she is diabetic.  You don't necessarily have to have experience with a diabetic cat to adopt one, but you do need to realize there are additional costs.  For Cattin's insulin and special food, you will need to budget approximately $80 a month over normal pet expenses.

Cattin would be happy in a quiet home to spend her retirement years in.  If you are interested in meeting Cattin, please come and visit her in Cat Room A, during regular shelter hours or make an appointment.

Give us a call at 705-878-4618 for more information.




Happy Tails

"My roommates and I adopted Shylo about 3 weeks ago from the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes. I just wanted to share this picture with you. Shylo has settled in well and is happy. She gets walked several times a day by us roommates and is now part of the pack!"

- Armaan C.

"Oscar the grouch... aka Stinky, in two of his new favourite places. A very sweet cat with not a single bad habit, except his given name for reasons I won't mention... oh and following to closely, he's a total ankle crasher."

- Lee K.

"I just wanted to let you all know that Mitzie is doing great. We adopted her almost 2 months ago and she has fit into our family since that time.

She made herself at home within an hour of being here by purring, rubbing her scent on various items and jumping up and settling on my lap (as if to thank me). Even our other cat, Ziggy, took to her right away. They get along very well. I was quite happy with that as I really wasn’t sure when I adopted her if the transition would really work or not. Either way we would have made it work as Mitzie was not going back as this was going to be her forever home. She is a very loving cat.

Attached are a couple of pictures of Mitzie. The last picture is Mitzie & Ziggy together.

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Mitzie for the length of time you did so that we had the opportunity to meet her and be able to adopt her."

Thanks again.

- Karen G.


"Happy to say that Chevy has become an awesome addition to the family, she loves playing, going for walks to the park, and cuddling."

- Amanda and Family

"Hi! I just adopted little miss muffit (who I've renamed Bella) today at petsmart in peterborough. Thank you guys so much for bringing your kitties there to be adopted by people like me!! She is such a gorgeous cat and settling in great at her new home with me, she's so friendly and funny! Makes me feel amazing as a new cat owner to adopt an older cat, give a great home & show her the love she needs and deserves for the rest of her days ! Thanks so much again!"

- Sara

"Oh how we love our Bella (formally Buddy)! She is so sweet and such a good girl!

- Emma S.