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Meet... Fluffy and his friend Ginger!

Fluffy is a 3 year old, neutered male.  Ginger is 2 years old and spayed.  Both are microchipped, vaccinated and ready to go! 

Fluffy and Ginger are two of our three FIV cats.  Don't worry, FIV cannot be transmitted from cat to human, only from cat to cat.  That being said, a cat can only pass this condition through birth, or through deep bite wounds, the kind that usually occur outdoors during aggressive fights.  If you'd like more information on FIV, call us or contact your vet.

Fluffy and Ginger are both great cats and full of love and life!  They would be happy to be adopted together, since they have become such great pals.  If you can only adopt one, that is ok too, but it would be nice to see these two kitties go home together!

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