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Pet Food Bank

Pets are a part of the family, which is why we have established a Pet Food Bank program here at HSKL. This program is in place to help prevent the abandonment or surrender of animals when their families cannot afford to feed them.

Giving up a family pet because you can’t provide adequate food is a very difficult experience for both the owner and the animal.  We are here to help assist in keeping pets with their families.

This service is intended to be for short-term emergencies rather than ongoing.  Our Pet Food Bank hours coincide with shelter business hours.

We are able to provide food for dogs and cats.  If you have other animals in your care that you need help feeding, please speak with our Animal Care team.

Yes, we take donations of dry and wet food, including treats. If you have an open bag of food that your pet has decided they no longer like or medicated food that they no longer need, we’ll take those bags! Please, no expired product, as we will not be able to use it.  We also accept opened bags of kitty litter.

Questions?  Visit us in-person, email us at or call 705-878-4618.