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The Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes envision the day when every animal in the City of Kawartha Lakes has a good quality of life with a caring, responsible, and knowledgeable owner, and is free from the fear of abuse, neglect, and ignorance. Learn more and get involved.

Kuranda Beds Needed For Our Shelter Animals!

Kuranda beds are the preferred and recommended bed for shelter animals. These are especially vital for our dogs, as they elevate the animals off the kennel floor which helps to significantly avoid kennel sores on their bodies. The beds are also easy to clean, disinfect and very durable. 

There are also Kuranda beds available for cats, which provide a ledge to sleep on and hide under. Additionally,  Kuranda cat towers add an enrichment element while they are waiting for their fur-ever home!

We are in need of all sizes of Kuranda beds, but especially size large and extra large for our dogs.

Click this link to donate a Kuranda bed to our sweet shelter animals!

Pet of the Week

  • Fanta is a sweet, playful, snuggly kitten who would make an amazing addition to a family.
    Fanta and her siblings were found as tiny orphaned kittens and brought to us for a second chance at life in June. She struggled with eating and was not thriving like her siblings. With help from vets, the staff and her foster homes she is a healthy, happy kitten looking for her forever home.
    For more information about Fanta, click on her picture!