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Humane Society At Capacity!
Adopters and Donors Needed!

Lindsay, ON (October 9, 2018) - The Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes (HSKL) has welcomed over 775 pets into their care since January of this year, 510 have been cats.

With the increased amount of animals making their way into the shelter, the cost of caring has increased, wear and tear on the shelter is evident and space has been at a premium for more than once this year.  

The Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes is asking the public to please be patient.  “If a cat or kittens come into your possession and you can’t take care of them, please know that you will be directed to another shelter or asked to keep the animal in your care, while being placed on a wait-list,” says Shelter Manager, Courtney Bryans.  She adds that shelter will assist, when possible, with food and litter, until the pet can be taken into the care of the Humane Society. 

The shelter is asking the community to work with them, as the spay and neuter message is still not resonating with people.  “Call a local vet for a spay or neuter quote or contact the OSPCA’s Low-Cost Spay Neuter Services.  Many people think we can fix their pet, but we can’t, as we do not have a vet on staff or the funds to hire one,” adds Bryans.

If you cannot adopt a pet, consider donating to the shelter.  As Giving Tuesday quickly approaches, the Humane Society will be asking the public to kindly keep them in mind while deciding which charity they’d like to support this holiday season.  Monthly Giving and a one-time gift options can be found at or by contacting the shelter at 705-878-4618.  There are several ways you can have your money directed, including a Spay and Neuter Fund and a new Kuranda bed fund, to keep the animals comfortable, while waiting for their forever homes.

For more information on the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes, please call 705-878-4618, visit on-line at or in-person at 107 McLaughlin Road, Lindsay.  Information on OSPCA’s Low-Cost Spay Neuter Services, can be found at or by phoning 905-898-6112.

The Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes envisions the day when every animal in the City of Kawartha Lakes has a good quality of life with a caring, responsible, and knowledgeable owner, and is free from the fear of abuse, neglect, and ignorance.


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