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Lost & Found Pets

Have you found or lost a pet?

HSKL remains dedicated to our community’s stray, lost, owned, abandoned, neglected, injured and sick animals. If you know of an animal at risk that would normally be reported to the City, and the City’s new service level excludes that animal, HSKL will still care for it at the shelter and work toward its best outcome. 

All animal welfare organizations have a role to play in our community, and HSKL remains committed to working collaboratively with the municipality and other organizations in that regard.

 Please note that we do not have the resources to pick up animals.

What to do with a stray dog?

If you've lost or found a domestic dog, please report it to the Municipal Law Enforcement and Licensing office immediately. During regular business hours Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm call 705-324-9411 extension 1212. Outside of regular business hours call the after-hours line, 705-928-3054, and leave a detailed message.

What to do with a stray cat?

Municipally funded cat kennel services and the Feral Cat TNRM program are temporarily on hiatus. Since municipally funded cat kennel services will not be available with the new short-term vendors, the municipality will not take in stray domestic cats at this time.

The HSKL and the municipality remain steadfast in their dedication to providing services that keep animals safe from harm. In this way, the HSKL and the municipality will continue to share and support each other’s programs and levels of service.

Please call us at (705 )878- 4618 if you know an animal that needs help and is not covered by the City's bylaw services

Who do I report animals that are injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused to?

For animals that are injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused, please contact Animal Welfare Services via the Ontario Animal Protection Call Centre at 1-833-926-4625 or follow this link for details.


Please call us at (705) 878 - 4618 if you need extra support regarding a found animal.