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What is the Field Trips for Fido program?

Experience a day out with a shelter dog through the "Field Trips for Fido" program. Enjoy activities like hiking and lounging while giving shelter dogs a break from the kennel. This initiative helps shelters understand dogs' personalities for better adoptions, increase adoption chances.

Dogs are spending prolonged periods in shelters before finding homes, which can negatively affect them. However, a simple outing can significantly lift their spirits. This recreational time not only helps alleviate any stress or frustration they may experience but also makes them more appealing to potential adopters.

What are the benefits of Field Trips for Fido?

  • Relieves stress in dogs
    • Many long-term residents of the shelter start displaying signs of stress. This program aims to provide them with a break to assist in managing their stress levels.
    • reducing anxiety and excitement in dogs during meetings with potential adopters, as well as imparting valuable life skills that they wouldn't gain by solely staying in the shelter.
  • Engaging with potential adopters
    • By posting on social media about your day out with the dog and taking them to new, relaxed locations, you increase their visibility to potential adopters.
    • This initiative enables individuals who may not visit shelters to view the animals available for adoption.
    • During their day out, these dogs shine, relishing special moments documented and shared by those involved, sparking community enthusiasm. This visibility might be the catalyst for them to secure a forever home.
  • Beneficial for the participant
    • The program's structure motivates participants to engage in social and physical activities, promoting exercise and social interaction – essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. The advantages of owning a pet are widely recognized. Just a brief period spent with a pet can alleviate stress.
    • A day out with a shelter dog can offer an intense dose of pet therapy for individuals who cannot have a pet.
  • We have the chance to learn more about the dogs and their behaviour outside the shelter setting, enabling us to find the most suitable match for potential adopters.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out our Foster Application
  2. If you have a free day to spend with a dog, please reach out to us via email at Include the date, time, and the dog you're interested in taking out.
  3. Visit our website to see the dogs available for adoption and select the best fit for you.
  4. Upon arrival, you will meet with an Animal Care Attendant to ensure the dog is a suitable match for you. After that, you will sign our agreement, receive the necessary items for the day, and be provided with an information sheet containing all the details you need.