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Available Dogs


Dog – $495
Puppy – $800 (under 1 year old)  

Your adoption fees includes:

  • spay or neuter
  • vaccinations – age appropriate/up to date
  • rabies vaccine for all pets 4 months of age or older
  • deworming
  • flea and tick prevention
  • ear mite treatment (if needed)
  • nail trim 
  • microchip identification implant 
  • applicable taxes

Adopting saves a life and provides a beautiful animal with a second chance!  It also frees up critical space in our shelter to support more animals in need.


Step 1: Review our website for a potential match, and find someone who best suits your family dynamic. Once you have one or two dogs you are interested in, please complete the application.

Dog Application   

All the information requested on the application form is essential. Please be open and transparent for the best match! It allows shelter staff to make the most appropriate decisions for the animals and your family.

Step 2: Shelter staff will review your application. They will contact you if you are a potentially suitable home for the animal. 

Due to the limited resources, only successful applications will be contacted. However, they will be kept on file for future consideration.

Step 3: A telephone conversation will occur for information sharing and question-asking. If the pet and family seem like a suitable match, an appointment will be booked for a visit.  

Step 4: During the first "Meet and Greet," it is ideal for the entire family to attend as this will give an opportunity to discuss the animal further and interact with them. Multiple "Meet and Greets" can occur if necessary, or if the match fits right away, you can bring the pet home that day upon the condition of the approval from HSKL. "Meet and Greet" process MUST include any dogs in your family home, this does not need to be on the same day, however, it is ideal.

Step 5: Upon pick up of the pet, the adoption paperwork and special instructions will be shared. Donations are also gratefully accepted, as adoption fees often do not cover the actual cost of all the medical and special services required by the animal.   


Some animals are lucky enough to receive more than one adoption application. In that case, we must choose the most suitable family. We encourage these applicants to consider some of the other less fortunate animals still waiting for their second chance and a new home.

We cannot "hold" an animal for a Meet and Greet or future adoption pick up days.  Unfortunately, we have tried this method and too many animals have missed getting into homes because of people not showing up.  

If you have any questions regarding the adoption process, please visit us or phone us at 705-878-4618.