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March 30, 2024 

What to do with lost or found pets in the City of Kawartha Lakes 

Lindsay, Ontario - If you are reporting a stray, lost or found cat or dog, please call the City of Kawartha Lakes at 705-324-9411 ext. 1212, or at 705-928-3054 after hours. Collect as much information about the animal as possible, including possible owner's information. Also visit the City's Facebook page for pictures of found pets. 

We work as quickly as we can to help all animals (stray, owned, abandoned, sick or injured) in need in our community, and you can call us for support if you know of such an animal. Please understand that during some periods of the year, animal rescues and shelters are extremely busy and cannot accept animals right away. Emergencies will always take priority, but we will respond promptly to requests for our services. We work as swiftly as possible to move animals into homes to make room for the next animals in need. Call us at 705-878-4618. 

Please note that as of April 1, 2024, our contractual relationship with the City of Kawartha Lakes has ended. This means that dogs taken into custody by the City's bylaw officers will be brought to facilities other than HSKL’s shelter. In conjunction with this municipal service change, the City will no longer be responding to calls for service regarding cats whose owners are unidentified, and the City has put its Feral Cat Trap Neuter Return Pilot Project on hold. HSKL can provide traps, food, shelters, and information for feral cat colony caretakers. 

For more information about the City’s decision to reduce animal services, please see the full news release on the City’s website. 

If you find a stray or lost cat or dog, you should still alert the City of Kawartha Lakes and receive directions on what to do with the animal. Inform them about the animal's information, including a possible owner if they are known. By alerting the City, the finder gives the animal the best chance of being reunited with its family. If the City will not respond to and fulfill the request for service, please call us and we will provide support as needed. We will take the stray or lost animal into our care and keep it away from harm. 

HSKL remains dedicated to our community’s stray, lost, owned, abandoned, neglected, injured and sick animals. If you know of an animal at risk that would normally be reported to the City, and the City’s new service level excludes that animal, HSKL will still care for it at the shelter and work toward its best outcome. Please call us if you know an animal that needs help and is not covered by the City's bylaw services. Please note that we do not have the resources to pick up animals. 

Our priority will always be to care for, house, and rehome animals in need in our community. 

Concerns or questions about the City's bylaw or animal services can be directed to the City at 705-324-9411 x 1212 or 705-928-3054 after hours. 

For more information about HSKL and our services, please visit  

Media Contact: 

Judi Cannon 
Executive Director 
Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes or 705-878-4618