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How To Help


Volunteer Power!

Three people holding a cat.

Join our team! 

Our volunteer team plays a vital role in our mission to save the lives of animals. Our various volunteer positions allow for an opportunity to help animals in need, learn about proper animal care, and give back to the community in significant ways. 

Benefits of Being a Volunteer at HSKL: 

  • You can make a difference in the lives of animals. 
  • Belonging to an amazing team of like-minded individuals. 
  • You will be able to schedule your volunteer shifts online where they best fit into your lifestyle. 
  • You can make a difference in your community. 

Volunteer Opportunities 

The shelter is open 365 days a year and our volunteers help during the hours of 9am and 4pm daily. We are flexible according to your schedule and the length of time you can support the animals. 

Feline Care: Volunteers that take on this role are responsible for providing clean, and comfortable housing for our feline residents, along with working one-on-one with the cats providing them with enrichment and socialization. 

Other duties include cleaning and disinfecting kennels according to HSKL protocols, sweeping, mopping, dishes, laundry, and disinfecting litter pans  

Canine Care: Volunteers working in this area are responsible for providing the dogs with sanitary living quarters, mental and physical exercise, and socialization. Note: you MUST be 19 years of age to work with the dogs. 

Other duties include cleaning and disinfecting kennels according to HSKL protocols, sweeping, mopping, dishes, laundry, refreshing water, and providing enrichment. 

RVT: If you are a registered veterinarian technician and want to give back to animals with your specialized skills, this will be a very rewarding opportunity! 

General Cleaning: Want to help, but not necessarily hands on with the animals – there are a lot of important roles to be filled here at HSKL. From dishes to laundry to litter pans, these things must be done each day to provide the animals in the shelter with the best care. 

Drivers: We use local and out of town clinics and spay/ neuter centers for veterinary care, volunteers in this role are added to our “on-call” list to transport the precious cargo to their scheduled appointments.  You could also pick up animals that are in need of transferring from another group for adoption.  

Second Chance Store: Our thrift store is in the building next to the shelter and is always open to new volunteers joining the team. All funds raised go directly to the animals in the shelter. 

Events: Community events run regularly, and we need volunteers interested in educating the public about what we do here at HSKL, providing them with volunteer and foster information and, of course, speaking about the animals looking for homes. 

Volunteer Requirements 

  • You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer – Ages 14-16 years old MUST be accompanied by a guardian at all times. 
  • To work with the dogs, you MUST be 19 years of age 
  • You must be able to commit to at least 3 shifts a month, for at least 6 months  
  • All volunteers must be willing to undergo training and follow shelter protocols 
  • As part of our health and safety protocol, we strongly recommend that all volunteers have a current tetanus shot  

Getting Started 

  1. To become a volunteer, please complete the form HERE.  NOTE: We select eligible candidates to discuss the next steps and schedule. We look for various skill sets and are interested in knowing how you would like to help the animals and HSKL and how you envision yourself working with our team.   
  2. The Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch within to arrange a time for you to come in for an orientation 
  3. After the orientation, you will receive some training modules to complete before your first shift 
  4. Once completed, you will be scheduled a training shift based off your availability  
  5. During your training period, you will be shadowing someone and learning how to successfully support the animals in care. 
  6. Eventually as your comfort grows, you will be able to work independently.