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A Husky's Story of Finding A New Family

My name is Chiquita, and this is my story.

It begins on a cold and lonely night — a night that changed my life forever. My brother and I found ourselves abandoned. Left in a kennel outside the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes (HSKL).

Why did our humans stop loving us? We were good doggies. Why had we been tossed away like garbage?

My brother, Chico, and I huddled together to stay warm. We were so scared. But at least we still had each other.

Everybody loves my brother. He has a big personality. He is always wagging his tail and doing tricks. Chico makes friends easily. It did not take long for a new family of humans to fall in love with him, and Chico was adopted.

I was happy for Chico. But I was sad for me. Now, I was all alone.

I cried, yelped, and howled all day long — and all of the night too. My heart felt heavy, and it hurt. I could not eat or sleep. I could not wag my tail at all. I could only lay down.

You see, shelter life can be very hard. Especially for a sensitive soul like me. There are so many smells and sounds. And even though there are lots of kind humans doing everything possible to make me happy, it can be a really scary place.

But the Humane Society is also a place where miracles can happen.

You have been there for animals like me before. Your ongoing support makes my tail wag and my heart happy.

Will you help unloved animals like me find their ‘fur-ever’ homes today? Your gift can make miracles happen for animals like me.

Your support will mean full bellies, warm beds, and medical care for animals who are sad and scared and all alone. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

When you give the gift of ‘happily ever after,’ you make miracles happen. Just take it from me. I am here today thanks to kind humans like YOU.

I was so sad and lonely at the shelter. I missed my brother, Chico, and I wished I could live with him. I wondered why I had to stay behind — why nobody wanted me. Was I a bad dog?!?

I was hopeless. Homeless. Human-less.

But just when all my happy went away — when I thought that my tail would never wag again — along came a family with hearts as big as the park! They saw past my fears and offered me the greatest gifts of all time — a home and a family to call my own!

And guess what? I did not just get a new home — I also got a new brother!

Scrappy is a brave little cat who was found in a dumpster. He was very sick when he came to the shelter. Poor little Scrappy was all skin and bones and his tiny body was covered in yucky bugs. But Scrappy did not give up. Neither did the humans at the Humane Society — they saved his life!

When my new family came to adopt me, they saw Scrappy playing on the catio. They fell in love and adopted him too. We both found our ‘fur-ever’ home that day!

It is a miracle — all of my wishes have come true! I have a new home, a new family, and a new cat brother!!!

Now, I am living the dream, lounging on a cozy couch with Scrappy. My days are filled with all the treats and belly rubs I could ask for.

But my heart does not forget the furry friends I left behind at the shelter. I do not want them to be sad and lonely. Or worse, to think that they are bad animals. So, I am paying it forward.

Every miracle begins with someone like you. With a hopeful heart and a wagging tail, I am asking you to continue your support today.

Will you help my furry friends find the same joy I have? Your gift will help animals like me find loving ‘fur-ever’ homes.

The shelter is a place where miracles happen. Where dreams can come true. And where love is the language that we all understand. My new wish is that no animal will be left behind.

Please DONATE now to help animals find their new families.


Chiquita the Husky