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Surrender Information

If you can no longer provide a home or care for your pet, you can surrender them to us.

Please, contact us in advance if you need to surrender your pet.  We need to make sure we have adequate space for your pet when they get here. Unfortunately, we do have space limitations and you may be placed on a wait-list.  

We work as quickly as we can to help all animals (stray, owned, abandoned, sick, or injured) please call us for support. Please understand that during some time periods of the year, everyone is extremely busy and cannot take in animals right away. We can add you to the waiting list, however, emergencies will be prioritized. We work as swiftly as we can to move animals into homes to make room for more. 

Rehoming Fees:

We charge Surrender Fees to help cover the cost of veterinary care, medications, food, microchipping and if needed, spay/neuter surgery. 

To speak with a staff member about surrendering your pet, call us at 705-878-4618.  

  • Dog: $100.00  
  • Litter of puppies $150
  • Cat: $50.00 
  • Litter of kittens $75

Along with your pet, you will need to bring the following information:

  • Complete surrender documentation: Cat Surrender   Dog Surrender
  • Up to date photo identification, such as your driver's license
  • Proof that the animal is yours/a loved ones and you have the right to surrender it
  • Bring all veterinary records you have for the animal, even if they are outdated 
  • Bring any food, toys or other items that they are used to
  • Fill out a behavioural assessment of the animal (this well help your pet get adopted faster)

We realize that surrounding a pet is a difficult decision.  Please, contact us in advance to book an appointment so we can make this a smooth process and ensure we have the team in place ready to help. 705-878-4618