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On-Going Fundraisers

Donation Boxes

Would your business like to fundraise for us?  Request a donation box today!

Set it by your cash register, reception desk or other high traffic location and watch the cash add-up!  Once your box is full, give us call and we will empty it out for you.

Having an event or fundraiser on our behalf?  You can request a donation box by contacting us at 705.878.4618

All money collected goes towards supplies for the animals in our care.

Questions?  Call us 705-878-4618 

Change for Pets!

Find some change in your couch? Maybe in your pockets when doing laundry?

The Humane Society is a great place to bring your change! All money received goes right back into the shelter.

Drop off your change at the front desk (no need to roll it) during business hours, and a bonus? You get a tax receipt for any donation over $25.

We also accept Canadian Tire money!