Surrender Fees

We accept animal surrenders, but we need to be contacted in advance. We have a max amount of animals that we can house, so you may be placed on a wait-list. If you are moving and cannot take you pet with you, call us as soon as you know that you can’t take your pet with you; do not wait until the last minute.

Dog: $50.00 (each additional dog is $10)
Puppy or Kitten: $25.00 (each additional puppy/kitten is $10.  Puppy/kitten is defined as being under 1 year old)
Cat: $30.00 (each additional cat is $10)

Why do I have to pay a Surrender Fee?
We charge Surrender Fees to help cover the cost of veterinary care, food, medication and housing for that pet.

To inquire about surrendering your animal, please contact us at 705-878-4618 or email us at

You will be required to:
•Bring photo identification
•Provide proof that the animal is yours and you have the right to surrender it
•Bring all veterinary records you have for the animal
•Fill out a behavioural assessment of the animal
•Read and understand the irrevocable surrender form

If you are surrendering an animal due to an owner’s death, please contact us as soon as possible for assistance at 705-878-4618 and ask to speak to an Animal Care staff member.