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Surrender Information

If you can no longer provide a home or care for your pet, you can surrender them to us.

HSKL does not euthanize to make room for new pets.  You do not have to worry about leaving your pet or a loved one's pet in our care.  Euthanasia only occurs when a pet is in severe distress and a veterinarian deems it absolutely necessary. 

Please, contact us in advance if you need to surrender your pet.  We need to make sure we have adequate space for your pet when they get here.  Unfortunately, we do have space limitations and you may be placed on a wait-list.  

If it is an emergency situation, such as the death of a loved one, we will make that pet a priority and get them in as soon as possible.

Surrender Fees:

We charge Surrender Fees to help cover the cost of veterinary care, medications, food, microchipping and if needed, spay/neuter surgery. 

To speak with a staff member about surrendering your pet, call us at 705-878-4618.  If you are calling after-hours, please leave a voice mail message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Dog: $50.00 (each additional dog is $10)
  • Puppy or Kitten: $25.00 (each additional puppy/kitten is $10. Puppy/kitten is defined as being under 1 year old)
  • Cat: $30.00 (each additional cat is $10)

Along with your pet, you will need to bring the following information:

  • Up to date photo identification, such as your driver's license
  • Proof that the animal is yours/a loved ones and you have the right to surrender it
  • Bring all veterinary records you have for the animal, even if they are outdated 
  • Bring any food, toys or other items that they are used to
  • Fill out a behavioural assessment of the animal (this well help your pet get adopted faster)
  • Read, sign and understand the irrevocable surrender form

We realize that surrounding a pet is a difficult task.  Please, contact us in advance so we can make this process as quick, easy and painless as possible.