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Stepping into 2022

Stepping into 2022
by Cynthia Kelly - HSKL Volunteer Coordinator

2022 hasn’t been the “fresh start” we had all been hoping for.  It has not been the “do over” year after 21 months of shut downs and delays.  Instead, we are eerily reminiscent of days gone by… restaurant dine-in closures, online learning for schools, work-at-home orders… the list goes on.  Despite this, we continue to trudge through the melee of ever-changing rules and provincial orders.  We navigate the shifting landscape of public health concerns and variants.  And we soldier on through the chaos of over-taxed internet services and toilet paper shortages.

How do we do it? Are we amazingly resilient people? Are we fortunate to have technology to support many of these restrictions? Are we buoyed by the hope that ‘this too shall pass’? Yes.  To all of that.  Here at the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes, I would also add the following questions  - are we uplifted by the gentle wag of a tail? Are we energized by the sweet kisses of a kitten? Are we grateful to be able to support the needs of an injured or abused animal? Yes.  To all of that.

Throughout all the iterations of COVID-19, the Humane Society has continued to operate despite volunteer restrictions, staff shortages and financial challenges.  The animals in our care are always here – on good days and bad, on holidays and special occasions… and even during a pandemic.  Their needs do not stop because the world is in crisis.

Despite all the ups and downs that the last two years have brought, the phenomenal staff and volunteer crew at HSKL have managed to forge ahead.  As we begin 2022 with fresh hopes and dreams for a healthier, safer tomorrow, we invite you to visit our completely re-vamped website to see what we have been up to and how you can make a difference.  Despite the rocky start to 2022, we are always hopeful that there are better days ahead, both for our human and animal community.

“Be kind.  Be calm.  Be safe.” - Dr. Bonnie Henry