On-Going Fundraisers 

HSKL Clothing

Need a new hoodie?  Maybe a hat or t-shirt?  We've got your covered!

Drop by the shelter during regular hours and take a look at our clothing selection.  We've got hoodies, polo shirts, cotton t-shirts, jackets, scarves, hats, and more!

When you purchase our HSKL branded items, you are helping to support the animals in our care.

A big thank you to Lindsay Sportsline (44 Kent St.W., Lindsay) for supplying us with such a great selection of styles!



Change for Pets! (Formally 'Pennies for Pets')

We are always collecting pennies (yes, we still want your pennies!) and other coin. Bring your bags, cans, tins, jars or rolled change to us and we'll put that coin to good use!  This money goes towards shelter supplies. 

Tin and Aluminum Can Recycling Program

In partnership with Community Living's Jobs'R'Us program, the Tin and Aluminum
Can Recycling Program brings much needed funds to both organizations. Don't let that 'money' go into your recycle bin, bring it to us!

Drop your bagged tins/aluminum cans into the grey recycle bins located along the side of Second Chance - 107 McLaughlin Road.  These recycle bins can be accessed everyday, year round.  

Please note that items must be in plastic bags and put into the bins, do not leave outside of the bins.

Thank you for your support!

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