Amazing Kids!

The support we receive from children across our region is truly inspiring.  This page is dedicated to the selfless kids who support the animals in our care!  

These kids are truly... AMAZING!

How can you become an Amazing Kid?  You can be AMAZING by...

- Donating the funds you raise from a bake sale, car wash, coin drive, etc.
- Save and donate your allowance
- Ask for shelter items for your birthday, Christmas or another occasion and donate them to us
- Get your school, class, club or team to host an event on our behalf

Have an idea and want to run it by us?  We would love to hear from you!  Email us at


Our Executive Director, Henny and Shiloh, went to Woodville Elementary School to visit with some fantastic grade 8 girls!

These young entrepreneurs raised nearly $200, by selling bracelets in support of the shelter and the animals in our care. 

We very lucky to have such incredible supporters!

Well done ladies, you are all...  AMAZING!


Birthday Sharing!

Kari just celebrated her 16th birthday and instead of gifts, asked for donations for the animals in our care.

We are so fortunate to have such great kids in this community! Thank you so much to Kari for her support and for sharing her birthday with the animals in our care.

From all of us at HSKL, we hope you had a super 16th!

Kari, you are... AMAZING!


Birthday Cheer!

Alice, who just turned 7, donated much needed items and money, from her birthday to the animals in our care.

Thank you so much for thinking of the animals!  

We are so very proud to call you an HSKL supporter!

Alice, you are... AMAZING!




Supplies for HSKL!

Brother and sister team, Logan and Faith, donated food to the animals in our care from a birthday party.

We are very grateful to both of these kind-hearted kids!  Thank you for thinking of the animals!

Logan and Faith, you are both... AMAZING!